Ladies Choice Mix Tape Vol 01 Throwback Thursday

Posted on by cb shaw

We all have things we would like to change about ourselves. One of the things I need to work on is actually finishing and delivering projects. I start things, I even finish them, and then they sit on a hard drive somewhere forever, collecting “digital dust”.


This is one of those projects. Last year DJ Rectangle and I planned on collaborating on an All-Female Vocal Video DJ mix. I finished my part of the mix, and I brought it to him so he could add his parts, including his signature intro and scratching. Unfortunately, the project files became corrupted, and we had to abandon ship mid-project, which really took the wind out of our sails.


Luckily, I still had a very listenable rough draft of the mix, which I could have uploaded, burned to CD, given away, or all three, but I didn’t. And this is one of those times when “Even choosing to do nothing is still making a choice.”


Fast-forward a year, and I needed a give-a-way mix for an event I was performing at. I was like “Hey! I already have this mix no one has heard, let’s use this…” Which would have been awesome if I had just done that, which of course, I didn’t. I spent every waking minute for about 3 weeks re-working, and re-editing, and re-mixing the mix until didn’t even resemble the original mix. I could have honestly just put out both of them separately, and I would shave had two mixes instead of one. Oh well.


Short version, here it is.  An All-Female Vocal mix from your favorite Blonde-Canadian-DJ-who-lives-in-Las-Vegas. Hopefully next year I’ll have Part II for you. Or not.


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For your comments: What do you think of an all-female vocal mix? Good idea? Would you like to hear another one?


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